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What is factoring and why do I need it?

Factoring is when a business receives cash by selling an invoice to a third-party.

For example, if you have delivered a product or service to a customer who will pay you in 90 days, you can factor this invoice and receive up to 75% of the amount today. You receive the remaining 25% (minus fees) on the day the customer settles the invoice.

Factoring allows you to offer competitive payment terms to your customers without making your business suffer the cashflow consequences.

How Factoring works


Your company delivers goods or services to a customer and sends them an invoice.


You apply to factura to get cash against the invoice today, regardless of when the customer actually settles the invoice.

We ask for basic documentation, including a bank statement, an invoice aging report, and any previous invoices that have been sent to the same customer.


factura processes your application and gets back to you within 48 hours.

If approved, we can disburse up to 75% of the invoice value within 24 hours of signing the contract that specifies our fees and the terms of service.


When the customer settles the invoice to factura, we disburse the remaining 25% (minus fees) back to you.

Who is Factura ?

Factura is a divison of Robu, a financial technology company registered in Jordan that aims to provide better access to liquidity for businesses. We are a team of experienced financial professionals that understand the headache of managing cashflow and dealing with the complicated procedures of traditional banks.

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Why Factura?

Because we get it. We understand that you can’t afford to waste time on lengthy application processes, bureaucratic procedures, and unreasonable collateral expectations.

We get the pain of managing cashflows, and have lived through the stress of tight liquidity. We believe that the financial needs of a trading company are drastically different than those of a creative agency!

We love working with SMEs, and are on a mission to strengthen their chances of growth and prosperity. We believe that a little bit of cash and creativity can go a very long way to leave a lasting impact on our communities.

Our goal is to provide you with easy access to liquidity when you need it.

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